Final Blog of 4460

It is both so exciting and frightening that in one week I will be walking across the stage at the Murchison Performing Arts Center as a University of North Texas graduate. It has been such an amazing three years from first flight week to my last week of finals ever I wouldn’t change anything about my time and experiences at UNT.

One of the best experiences throughout my college career was the time I got to spend working with the Richardson Symphony Orchestra. I know I have learned so much from all of the assignments I have been able to complete because of their help.

Richardson Symphony Orchestra Opening Night Concert ,2014

Richardson Symphony Orchestra Opening Night Concert ,2014

Executive Director Laurie Garvie and Conductor Clay Couturiaux were two of the most extraordinary professionals to work with. In order to keep this organization alive the sheer responsibilities Laurie has on a day to day basis was a learning experience just to observe. Despite being so busy she was always available to get me the materials I needed to be successful.

Music Director and Conductor Clay Couturiaux was also a thrill to work with. Before my time with the RSO I didn’t know precisely what symphonic music was or how if differed from classical music. Clay Couturiaux not only taught me that but so much more about this world of beautiful I never new existed. One of my favorite assignments throughout my time with RSO was the feature story I wrote about Clay. This assignment made me feel so much closer to RSO and took my appreciation of this art form and transcended it.

Attending the 2014 Opening Night Concert was also an experience I will never forget. I don’t think I can think Laurie enough for the opportunity to see the Orchestra live. It is such a different experience to hear this music electronically versus in person. For anyone out there who has never been to the orchestra I would highly recommend the experience (and the RSO in particular).

I may be starting a new chapter in my life here soon and I am so thankful to be walking away from this chapter with so much knowledge and skill. This organization along with the classes I have been enrolled in have shaped me as a student and improved me as a PR professional.


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