What I Got Out of Ethics 4470 and How I anticipate Using It In The Future

When I first began Ethics 4470 I thought I had a strong understanding of ethics and how I would handle the ethical issues I might encounter in my future field of public relations. Today I know I will be more prepared to face whatever ethical challenges may be in my future career because of the case studies we have examined and the philosophies we have learned this semester.

One of the things I have gained a greater understanding of throughout this course is the different approaches one can take when handling an ethical crisis. I know in the future I will be able to evaluate ethical situations in a more critical manner. 

Before the lecture about the difference between values, morals, ethics and principle I often used those words interchangeably. This is a mistake I feel proud to say I will no longer make.

I also know I learned more about philosophy in this course than in any philosophy course I took. Not only do I now know philosophical theories but also I understand how companies can use these philosophies to guide decision-making. The case studies we assessed made definitions and concepts real for me in a way that was almost frightening.

It was shocking to see the sheer number of companies who have had a public relations crisis. As well as the reasons in some cases the public was so outraged. In many cases the outrage was obviously justified but there were a number of cases that were shocking in the fact that people were upset by anything.

For example, the Coca-Cola case study with the inter-racial family was one of the case studies that when the group presenting first showed the video I was confused on where the problem was. This case study was one of my favorites because the company didn’t back down during the backlash but instead stood by its company values and didn’t pull the Ad.

All of these case studies we examined made the theories we learned about real for me. I feel like now when I read about PR crises I evaluate options the company may be considering in a different manner than I did four months ago.

In the future I know I will reflect on this class and use the things I have learned here to be a better professional.


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