It’s All Fun and Games Till Someone Gets Sued

Uber once again made its way into the media spotlight this week. It seems this app-based taxi service is always in the limelight in the worst possible ways.

The company was protested last year in India after a woman was raped and murdered by an Uber driver who had not been properly vetted and in fact had a prior offense for attempted rape. After that there was the scandal involving the company’s senior vice president Emil Michael, who treated to black mail critics of the company.

Finally just earlier this week the first law suit was filed against the company by one of the many drivers whose information was stolen in a hack that occurred in September.

Uber released a statement stating one of its databases “could potentially have been accessed by a third party (The Hill),” but later denied the claims that login information was being sold for only $1 on the dark web (Fortune).

It is amazing how even in the face of so many scandals and complications Uber has not only continued to survive, but also thrive and grow at an alarming rate.

Despite struggling with its image the company has still continued to grow in popularity over the last year. Uber grew from being a small start up to a $18 billion company in just five short years and continues to rise in value(CNN Money).

If only Uber could get a handle on its image the possibilities for this company could be potentially endless.

Companies get hacked, from insurance agencies to Chipotle, and the public has become well aware of this fact in the last year.

What I have come to realize is there is a definite wrong and right way to handle this situation and rule No.1 is be as transparent and honest about as possible. If your public thinks you are hiding something from them or lying to them you are just digging your hole deeper.

Second, be the first to scoop yourself. Beat the press to the punch with full disclosure as soon as discover the problem.

Uber failed at controlling this incident and may or may not suffer from it. I for one am interested in seeing how far will Uber go, and what else can this company possibly get itself into along the way.


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